There is an impressive variety of performing arts in Japan: contemporary theatre, noh and kyōgen, kabuki, ningyō jōruri (bunraku), contemporary dance, musicals – to name just a few.

The articles on this blog include reviews of stage performances and information on theatre events, but also notes on plays, artists’ profiles and essay-like thoughts on the theatre (just bear with me here…). I will do my best to keep it informative, but please do pardon any subjective slips. I’ll be happy if this blog serves as incentive or as a source of background information, for you to take up the nearest opportunity to see Japanese theatre (either during your stay in Japan or at the international theatre festivals abroad) and overcome more easily obstacles like the lack of time, lack of interest, the language barrier or whatever other reasons you might invoke. 🙂

The author of “Stories of the Mirror” is a graduate student, specializing in Japanese literature and theatre, with a peculiar habit of turning her hobbies into work, and with the only merit of being willing to watch and to listen.


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