Tokyo Theatres in March

For this month there are three stages that I would recommend heartily:

"Demons" by Chiten (March 10th-23rd, KAAT)

“Demons” by Chiten (March 10th-23rd, KAAT)

  • Dostoyevsky’s “Demons” – Akuryō悪霊』in Japanese – is being dramatized by theatre company Chiten 地点in collaboration with the Kanagawa Arts Theatre. It will be performed from March 10th through the 23rd. Responsible for the direction is Miura Motoi 三浦基, whose name guarantees the quality of the work. It is a performance fervently awaited by the Japanese theatre world.
  • At the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater we will be able see Shiftシフト』, a performance by theatre company Sample, from March 14th through the 23rd. Shift is actually one of the earlier creations of director Matsui Shū 松井周, performed in 2007 for the first time. Matsui’s theatre is known for showing human beings in critical situations, constrained to think and to act beyond the social establishment. Shift is a story about a community facing the dilemma of having to choose between preserving its old ways and embracing outsiders in order to ensure its own continuity. I guess it is needless to point out the subtle hints at some problems that Japanese society is facing nowadays. Let me just say that when talking about the frontlines of contemporary Japanese theatre, Sample is a unit which deserves all the attention.

    "The Merchant of Hinemi" (U-ench saisei jigyodan)

    “The Merchant of Hinemi” (U-ench saisei jigyodan)

  • U-ench saisei jigyōdan’s Hinemi no shōninヒネミの商人』“The Merchant of Hinemi”, written by playwright and director Miyazawa Akio 宮沢章夫, will be restaged for the first time in 21 years from March 20th through the 30th at Za-Kōenji 座・高円寺. This work is based loosely on “The Merchant of Venice” and “Hinemi”, the play that brought Miyazawa the Kishida Kunio Playwrights Award in 1993. Hinemi is the name of the fictional town where the action takes place. Amid their daily routine, the characters find something important enough to change their view on life – this is what the play promises to be about.

Spring is almost here, a reason good enough to get ready for a new start 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Theatres in March

  1. Dear Ramona,

    Great brief of what’s going on on Japanese scene as always! I haven’t been here for a while but as soon as I got here I read all the previous articles with excitement! Please keep up on doing the blog:)

    I’m sorry I haven’t noticed before that you replied me!:( I enjoyed my trip in Tokyo and was dying to go to Yokohama but because it was my first trip to Japan and I had busy schedule I couldn’t attend TPAM:( Thanks for the reviews~!:D Fortunately I was able to see kabuki, bunraku and Takarazuka performances so I was really happy.

    Because I’m a fan of Toshiki Okada’s works, I will probably go to see his new premiere at Mannheim Festival at the end of May, but I’m not sure yet… I hope it’s gonna go well:)

    Have a lovely spring time!:)

    • Alice, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip and that you even had time to see some stage performances! As for Chelfitsch, they’ve really got into the habit of doing their premieres in Europe, which is quite nice. I also hope to see their new work soon.
      I wish you too a very nice spring time!

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