Change of tactics

The blessing of summer holidays is finally here, so there are no more excuses for me not updating this blog 🙂 All the plays I’ve been seeing lately just cannot wait to be turned into material for articles.

However I’ve been thinking of doing some changes in the way I write. One of the fascinating things about theatre is its openness – it easily inpires thoughts, images and further connections, and it is a real joy to explore each and every corner of the world that opens up after you leave the theatre, whilst you are still under the lingering impression of what you have witnessed.

As much as I would like to write in detail about every theatre performance, the lack of time is really pressing, so I have no choice but to select one or two plays from the ones I see each month. In this selection process, usually smaller scale performances get sacrificed, although they may have been just as impressive.

So I’ve thought of writing shorter, mainly informative articles along the more elaborate ones, which require some research. As I will probably end up writing while commuting by train or while being half asleep, I apologize in advance for the roughness of their style. I will give it a try and see how it goes.

One more thing I’ve been thinking about is a adding monthly selection of upcoming shows. The idea was inspired to me while reading some articles on the Imperial Theatre written by Zoe Kincaid in a newspaper from the beginning of the century, called “The Far East”. Mrs. Kincaid used to announce upcoming performances at the major theatres in Tokyo at that time – late Taishō era (1912-1926): The Imperial Theatre, Meiji-za, Shintomi-za and Kabuki-za. To be honest, I was mesmerized by her enthusiastic, witty and exceptionally insightful style and I learned greatly about the Japanese stage of that time.

But even more than that, I liked the idea of announcing a play before its actual stage production. It will be hard to choose three or four performances out of hundrends going on each month (the theatre world nowadays differs greatly, both in numbers and in quality, from the one covered by Mrs. Kincaid). Moreover, I am aware that the selection will most probably reflect my own tastes and circumstances, that is why it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It is only an attempt to get even closer to the Japanese theatre scene and to take the readers of this blog with me along the way 🙂


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